About-Costa Cut Metals

The company was formed in the summer of 2012 to service those clients that just want to purchase various size pieces of sheetmetal at a reasonable price and without any hassle. We think our offering of 2 grades of Aluminum and 2 grades of Stainless Steel will satisfy most of our clients needs and we  want to assure you that additional grades will be added as demand increases.

Our ability to bring you high quality products at very reasonable prices stems from the fact that our parent company, C&C Enterprises has been producing high quality sheetmetal products since 1988. C&C purchases sheetmetal in large volumes for their various customer products and have the capability for CNC punching, shearing, forming and fabrication. If your needs ever extend beyond purchasing flat sheets, Victor would love to hear from you.

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or call him at (707) 745-1790